Give Like a Life Depends on It

Every $1

For every dollar we spend on fundraising, we raise over $15 in return. Every dollar counts!

Every $10

Covers the cost of sending educational materials to a transplant center to give to their patients.

Every $25

Provides a holiday gift to a dialysis patient in need.

Every $50

Allows the American Transplant Foundation to participate in awareness raising events that educates the public and alerts patients about helpful programs available to them.

Every $250

Enables the American Transplant Foundation to train a new group of mentors.

Every $500

Pays for one of our financial assistance grants to cover the cost of anti-rejection medication or an insurance premium for at least one transplant recipient.

Every $1,000

Provides funding for the Foundation to give a grant to a living donor, enabling a friend, relative, or altruistic stranger to donate without facing financial stress from lost wages.

Every $5,000

Funds 10 mentor/mentee matches that includes training the mentor and periodic checks to ensuring a successful relationship for both parties.

Please consider selecting our "repeat monthly" option for donation. Just $10/month is the best investment you can make - you'll help us save lives by providing critical financial assistance to living donors and transplant patients. When you select the "repeat monthly" option for donation, you will receive an official tax letter every January in addition to emailed receipts after each donation. Please contact us if you have any further questions about monthly giving.