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You can change not only a patient’s life, but that of their family, friends, and even their entire community. The American Transplant Foundation’s Potential Living Donor Database is the first of its kind. Our aim is to collect information from those hoping to be a living kidney donor in order to help them navigate the first steps of the complex, nationwide organ transplant system.

Around 115,000 Americans are awaiting a lifesaving transplant. Over 80% of those are waiting for a kidney, an organ which may be given altruistically with little risk to the living donor (OPTN 2015). In fact, long term studies suggest living donors live healthier and longer lives than the general American public!

After signing up for our database, you will receive instructions with next steps to become a living donor depending on your donation preferences and the opportunity to get matched with a one of our living donor Mentors through our free 1+1+LIFE Mentorship Program. Our trained, volunteer Mentors can provide emotional support and guidance as you consider living donation. YOU have the opportunity to save a life of a stranger-- a woman, man, or child who strives to live a normal, healthy life! Every 10 minutes a precious life is added to the transplant waiting list (OPTN 2015). The only way to fight the national organ shortage is through the Gift of Life by heroes like you. 


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